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An innovative platform for conducting presentations and management of real-world Augmented Reality (AR)

Explore the world having fun with Augmented Reality (AR)

VisARby took up the challenge and launched a real-world AR content presentation and management system. It is a platform that makes the collected content available in the form of a library of routes, maps, and attractions in a given area. The unique function offered by the application is the involvement of the users themselves in co-creation.


The VisARby platform is an innovative application that focuses on learning about the world and exploring new places by playing in the AR space. The system is available for tablets, mobile phones, and AR mobile glasses such as Google Glass or HoloLens. It allows for the detection of AR markers, position, and presentation of AR materials on a selected device.

How does it work?

Imagine that you go on a trip, for example, to Paris and you didn’t take a guide with you. However, you have a mobile device (a phone, tablet, or recently very fashionable AR glasses such as “google enterprise“). You activate our application on your device. You’re downloading an interesting route/map with various points marked (for example, monuments or hidden treasures) from the library of available animations. Then, you approach the place of your interest, for example, Notre Dame Cathedral, and point the device’s lens at the monument. If you direct the lens at a previously set marker (which is shown in the photo) an animation will appear on the map, and its task will be to present you with the vicinity of the selected monument. In the case of Notre Dame, for example, the Hunchback of Notre Dame will also pop up because this character is associated with the place. Text and/or audio animation will let you gain interesting information. After reading/listening to the animation, arrows will appear on your mobile device, allowing you to move to the next part of the monument and re-read/listen to the content about a particular part of the monument, such as the bell tower, altar, crypt, or other parts of the cathedral (the sky is the limit!). There is also a built-in “route” option in the application. When choosing this option, a menu will drop down and you can choose a route tailored to your needs, for example, a historic route, a culinary route, or a route intended for families with children.

The app allows for full visualization of incomplete monuments, such as the temple in Athens (which currently lacks some pillars and part of the ceiling).

The app also serves as a guide in the museum. After you hover the lens over the selected monument, an animation describing the given monument is displayed.

The main advantages of the platform for a user are as follows:

The main advantages of the app for a client are as follows:

First of all – do not limit your fun

The other feature of the application is the content creation by the user, and the option to add and arrange an order for your own animations. This allows for the constant expansion of the map with interesting places and greater user interest. The application has a built-in simple editor that enables adding new markers on objects and placing descriptions and animations to the spots. The system validates whether the markers are appropriate, for example, whether the photo is blurry or distinctive, and whether the content is censored.


The client needed a comprehensive project as it covered branding, (including the application logotype), the entire application design, and took into account the brand’s visual communication. The main purpose of the application was to quickly encourage a user to start a personalized exploration of the nearest tourist attractions. After logging in for the first time, the application encourages you to perform a quick test that will match the materials available in the application to the user’s preferences. From the UX perspective, all the most important functions of the application are accessible on the main screen. What are they?


The system consists of the following modules:


The VisARby application is a great option both for the youth and the adult to stimulate creativity and renew interest in space through the use of AR. Users can take advantage of the free attractions library that is available after download. Users can play with each other by creating and sharing new attractions in unusual places and of unique characteristics. On the other hand, it is a great tool to promote your services, such as a hotel, restaurant, or even a museum.

Sidekick – Train and Bus crew support system


Train and Bus operations requires to fulfill plenty of regulations forced by traffic regulators, governments and international organization, e.g. EU. Mobility companies spend a lot of time and money making sure they obey all these regulations. Often they don’t do a perfect job and end up paying enormous fines. This prohibits them from providing better service for passengers and sustaining healthy profitability.

Translating the challenge to operational level we find out tens of manual, pen & paper processes or self made excel solutions. Each of them allows the company to operate but does not guarantee quality, effectiveness and visibility.


After we started the cooperation with the customer we identified several processes that generated high personal cost, caused the company to pay fines and made employees frustrated.
We implemented support system for train and bus crews to make their work easier and more productive.
Our development team embarked on an exciting journey to bring this vision to life. Here’s how we tackled the project:


Introduction and adoption of the systems and mobile application resulted in:

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