TOC-Report – Revolutionizing Train Service Reporting

Project Overview

Client: Swedish Government Train Operator (Confidential)
We are excited to present TOC-Report, a groundbreaking application that transformed the way our client, a prominent train operator for the Swedish government, handled reporting for cancelled train departures, reduced wagon counts, and workforce reductions due to cancellations. This innovative solution introduced an interactive map-based reporting system for stations and routes, streamlining and enhancing the entire reporting process.


The client faced the challenge of efficiently and accurately reporting train service disruptions, a critical aspect of their operations. These reports were crucial not only for internal record-keeping but also for regulatory compliance and financial considerations. Prior to TOC-Report, much of this reporting was done manually, resulting in delays, inaccuracies, and potential fines.

Our Approach

In response to these challenges, we designed TOC-Report, a robust and user-friendly application. Here’s how we approached the project:


TOC-Report delivered numerous benefits to our client:

This project not only modernized reporting for our client but also contributed to substantial time and cost savings, bolstering their operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

If you have complex reporting challenges within your organization, let us help you transform them into opportunities for efficiency and compliance. Contact us today to discuss your next innovative project.

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