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Product Discovery Workshop

Dive deep into the conceptualization phase of your software or product idea. At EffectIT, we believe that a thorough understanding and meticulous planning form the foundation of any successful project. Our Product Discovery Workshop is tailored to ensure that your vision gets the detailed blueprint it deserves.

Requirements from the Customer Side:
How we work?
Our Workshop Process


Introduction & Alignment:
We begin by understanding your product concept, its objectives, and the intended user base.


Collaborative Brainstorming:
Together, we deep dive into the product's functionality, features, and possible challenges.


Interactive Q&A:
Our team – comprised of a Business Analyst, UX/UI designer, and tech leader – will pose questions to ensure clarity and detail in every aspect.


Wireframe Creation:
Visual representation begins as our UX/UI designer sketches essential views of the product.


Backlog Formation:
Our team translates discussions into structured backlogs, outlining epics, features, user stories, and part-task levels.

Benefits for our clients

Structured Backlog:

A comprehensive breakdown from epics to tasks, ensuring a clear path forward for development.

Essential Wireframes:

Visual mock-ups of key product views, providing a tangible blueprint of your vision.

MVP Estimation & Timeline:

A detailed timeline highlighting milestones, delivery phases, and an estimate for the Minimum Viable Product.

Clarity & Precision:

Transform vague ideas into actionable blueprints.Risk Reduction:

Early identification and mitigation of potential challenges.

Efficient Budgeting:

An MVP estimation provides a clearer picture of the investment required.

Accelerated Time-to-Market:

With a well-defined path, your product’s development and launch process is expedited.

Collaborative Synergy:

Experience the collaborative power of multi-disciplinary experts converging to refine and uplift your vision.

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Why Choose Our Workshop?

Crafting a successful product is like solving a puzzle. With EffectIT's Product Discovery Workshop, not only do you get the right pieces but also the strategic guidance on how they fit together. Whether you're a startup with a fresh idea or an enterprise looking for innovative solutions, we're here to set the stage for your success.