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Project Overview

Janta Logistics has become a regional player in Baden-Württemberg in the field of express transport and warehousing.

Comprehensive logistics business service

Logistics is a global game, a complex and challenging puzzle of vehicles, data, and cargo. We know that every day you do your best to deliver the ordered goods to your customers safely and reliably.

Janta Logistics supports this process. It means modern and environmentally friendly vehicles (estate, transporter, 7,5 to 40 t truck) as well as spacious high-bay logistics halls at 4 locations available to customers from areas such as automotive, fashion, trade, and media. Warehousing also includes customer-oriented high-availability logistics.


The transport industry is a multi-threaded, constantly developing area of business. For Janta Logistics the aim of work on products was to align new ideas and technological solutions with large business clients – fashion logistics, automotive, industry, consumer goods, tire logistics, and online retail. Developing holistic supply chain solutions need an end-to-end product development process that includes management of e-commerce, contract logistics, land transport, express services, customs clearance, and storage. Therefore, the systems and solutions require a broader view than of the parcel service transport for individual customers.

Smart and easy

The result of design and development work is a website with the possibility of logging in to the customer service platform. The platform is managed from the level of an independent management panel by employees and logisticians of the Janta team. The platform is directly related to two applications:

Using the platform, employees can efficiently communicate with expedition companies as well as directly with employees and drivers. They also use the platform to:

All those happen while considering the vehicle occupancy depending on the volume, as well as the maximum working time of the driver (including time for breaks and stops).


The main purpose of the website design is to quickly locate the inquiry form for a specific “from – to” transport route by a user. This allows the company’s team to produce a quick quote and reply.

In addition, right under the main products and advantages of the forwarding company, there is a contact form for everyone who wants to contact the company by phone.
The customer area contains:

Management panel

The main features of the panel managed by Janta’s team are:


The application is aimed at customers.
Thanks to the LENA App options such as bookings, evaluations, follow-ups, and convenient communication are available in one mobile application (for Android and iOS). So, customers can easily control their transport and stay in touch with Janta’s team!

Freight App

The application is aimed at carriers – commercial users or independent transport companies (with their own vehicles) that would like to cooperate with Janta as subcontractors. So, it serves as a unified tool for communication between Janta and subcontractors.
After acceptance and authorization of the subcontractor, the Freight App allows for controlling and managing orders for shipment placed by Janta to subcontractors. Subcontractors can define a fleet of available vehicles, receive and respond to requests for shipment services quotes created by the Janta team, get access to planned routes, and report shipment advancement.
The Freight app dashboard includes:

As a company owner, you can also manage your drivers and vehicles.
In the nutshell, Janta’s Freight app possibilities are as follows:


For Janta Logistics, many years of running the business as a modern, constantly developing logistics company with four locations in Switzerland and Germany, is primarily a mutual understanding of ideas and needs. Joint cooperation results are efficient understanding and quick implementation of customer needs.
Implementation of suite of transport and logistics modules and applications allow our customer to:

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